ProRxx Graffiti Blocking Sealer is a proprietary formulation that provides long-term protection against graffiti, tagging and most paints on the surface of most porous surfaces. ProRxx Graffiti Blocking Sealer penetrates into the surface to form a protective barrier that blocks graffiti, tagging and most paints from penetrating into the porous surface. This protective barrier also helps to protect the surface from water and other environmental contaminants.

Graffiti Blocking Sealer - 5 Gallon

SKU: PR940-P5
  • - Modified silicate solution that provides long-term waterproofing and durability

    - Seals the surface to prevent contaminants from penetrating

    - Allows easy removal of graffiti, paints & stains

    - 100% trafficable after the first watering

    - Provides up to 10 years of moisture protection.