ProRxx Grease & Oil Remover is designed to remove the oil and grease present in many surfaces. ProRxx Grease & Oil Remover works by converting oil, grease, fats, and animal by-productsinto a soapy solution which floats up and out of a surface during the rinsing process. It effectively removes wax off of tile or inlaid floors. Cleans toolsand equipment.

Grease & Oil Remover - 1 Gallon

SKU: PR350-G4
  • –  Converts oil, grease, fats & animal by-products into soapy solution that rinses away clean

    –  Aids the penetration of waterproofingagents

    –  Removes wax off tile

    –  Cleans tools & equipment

    –  Excellent for daily use
    at appropriate concentrations