ProRxxMoisture Protection Sealer is a proprietary formula that provides long-term waterproofing and durability benefits to concrete, masonry, brick pavers and patios. It penetrates into the surface and reacts with the calcium and water to form a moisture block- ing gel. This gel creates a sub-surface barrier against the damaging effects of water and contaminants, including salt and environmental debris.

Moisture Protection Sealer - 55 Gallon

SKU: PR900-D55
  • Modified silicate solution that provides long-term waterproofing and durability

    Permanently seals stable cracks up to 5/64” (2.0 mm) on initial application and future non-structural cracks up to 1/64” (.4 mm).

    100% trafficable after the first watering

    Provides up to 10 years of moisture protection

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