MossBuster Standard targets moss and other pesky outdoor growth making it easier for you to keep your areas clean and looking spectacular. Moss Buster Standard kills moss, Liverwort, Hornwort, Toad- stools, Lichen, Silvery Thread Moss, and Green Slime Algae. This product kills bryophytes within 2 hours of application, and removes easily with a garden hose, pressure washer, or rainfall. Moss Buster Standard targets moss while leaving grass and other potted plants healthy. Moss Buster is an all natural solution that eliminates toxic runoff and damage to the surrounding area.

Moss Buster Standard - 1 Gallon

SKU: MB100-4G
  • EPA Certified

    Kills bryophytes while leaving grass and other plants healthy

    Typically kills in just one application

    Rinses away clean with garden hose or rain

    Environmentally friendly & Non-toxic

    Safe to use on soil, dirt, bark, sand & mulch

    Ready-To-Use formula