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ProtectRxx Gel Hand Sanitizer - Non - Sterile - Solution is a hand cleaner and sanitizer created  using a FDA Registered formula for hand sanitizing. Proper use of these products reduces bacteria that potentially can cause disease.  For use when soap and water are not available.


Promech Penetrating Oil is faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized fasteners and parts than anything currently available. It has also shown to work very well in cases of “galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals”, such as the seizing of a steel bolt in an aluminum block. Save time, money and those valuable parts.

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ProRxx delivers top-of-the-line professional maintenance and cleaning products to preserve and protect your outdoor environments from the hazards of everyday life. Clean your stone, concrete, or brick of moss, grease, graffiti and whatever else life throws at it. Created to help clean and maintain outdoor living spaces while protecting the environment with ecologically safe products, keeping your concrete and masonry clean and secure for years to come. 


Ecologically Designed Cleaning.

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Clean and restore your decks and patios with RestorRxx. Designed for professionals, but safe enough for the Do-It-Yourselfer. We can help make sure your outdoor areas remain as beautiful as the day they were first set. With powerful washers and sealers for wood, composite, concrete, and masonry surfaces. RestorRxx makes the cleaning of your outdoor surfaces convenient and easier than ever, all while protecting the environment with ecologically safe products! 



Your Safe Solution to Cleaning. 

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By combining a proprietary blend of powerful essential oils and extracts, Moss Buster® Ready-To-Use Formula provides a fast acting easy way to kill moss and other pesky bryophytes IN AS LITTLE AS 2 HOURS.  It does not suppress moss growth or just burn the top layer of moss like other moss “control” products.  Once contact is made Moss Buster quickly starts rupturing the cells of moss all the way down to the plant's root-like structure, eliminating it.

Moss Buster®-

The original ecologically safe moss killing product.